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The Library online Orientation Program held by the College Library on November 23, 2020 for all students to spread awareness and to train new library users to Library collection and services and finding and evaluating information available. Talk was delivered by clearing their doubts about the usage of library and its resources. Students and faculty from Arts, Humanities and Science attended the session. Online attendance was 900+, YouTube views were + 2.5 k. WEBOPAC and facility of UGC INFLIBNET and access to DU Library Catalogue continued during the year. Gargi Library website online use of e-resources increased during the year for easy understanding and online access to Library resources and facilities. 478 books were added till March, 2021 making total of 76001 accessioned books in all. At present library has an asset of 381 CDs/videos and have access to 46 periodicals and 10 newspapers. Electronic Resource Management package for e-resources: User control provided by NLIST. The library subscribes to a large number of Electronics Resources through UGCInfonet which includes e-resources (6,000+ ejournals and 31,35,000+ ebooks) and University of Delhi connectivity which includes Delhi University Library System. It includes the Reference Sources, Bibliographic Sources, Statistical Sources, and Full Text Sources. A brief description of these under given resources including the Subject Coverage, Search Features, Database Services, Document Category, etc. are available through more information for the help of users. The given URL Address directly takes to the concerned database. For more details visit available in the present library with Wi-Fi Library computer lab. Approximately 4899 Books were consulted and loaned by users, which includes consultation of ref. sec. and excludes use of loose issues of periodicals. Approximately 1620 students visited library during the year till 31 March, 2021, which excludes faculty and non-teaching staff. During the year approximately 780 Books were issued and 879 Books were returned till 31st March, 2021.

Gargi college library also maintains a feedback register In which library users gives their opinion regarding library collection, services and functions, etc. We have a Book Club also. Around 150 members actively participated in Library related activities.

Library Rules and Regulation

Membership:Students, teachers and other members of the staff of the college are entitled to become member of the library.

a) M.A Students 5 books

b) B.A.(H) Students 5 books

c) B.Sc.(Gen) 4 books

d) B.A. and 4 books

e) Teachers 20 books

f) Admin staff 4 books

g) Class IV staff 2 books

Clearance Certificate:Users are requested to returned library membership card to get a clearance certificate. In case of loss of the membership card, clearance certificate may be issued at the discretion of the Librarian.

Points to Remember:

a) Before entering library gate, Register is to be signed and show your ID card.

b) Personal belongings except wallet and a notebook should be deposited at property counter.

C) Loss of membership card is to be reported immediately.

d) Marking of books or tearing of pages is objectionable and may lead to cancellation of membership pri